CreateSpace Distribution

cover_smallCreateSpace Distribution

Authors have a degree of choice as to how they distribute their books through CreateSpace although given that most will want to maximise their exposure the choice is really quite limited. Distribution is grouped under Standard Free Distribution and Expanded Distribution.

Standard Free Distribution

Standard Free Distribution describes the FREE distribution of all books through
Amazon Europe
CreateSpace eStore

These sales channels will have been selected by default but if you do not want to use one simply select ‘Remove’ from the arrow for the channel you wish to deselect.

You can modify your selections at any time before and after publication.

Expanded Distribution

Expanded Distribution depending on the eligibility of your book gives access to a larger audience through more online retailers, bookstores, libraries, academic institutions and distributors within the USA.

Eligibility is determined by

  • Whether your book has a CreateSpace assigned ISBN or one that you have purchased from your national ISBN Agency (in the UK and Ireland that would be Nielsen ISBN Agency)
  • Whether you have used an industry standard trim size or a custom size

EDC Channels

CreateSpace Direct

CreateSpace Direct makes your book available to certified resellers such as independent bookstores and book resellers who can buy books wholesale from CreateSpace.

Bookstores and Online Retailers

(books must be printed to an industry standard trim size)

Assuming your book is eligible for this channel it will be made available to thousands of major online and offline bookstores and retailers such as Barnes and Noble and distributors such as Ingram.

You need to assign a Book Industry Standards and Communications (BISAC) code to your book to be eligible for this channel but that takes only five minutes after clicking the link on the Channels page of your book setup in CreateSpace.

These codes represent categories of books used by the book selling industry to help identify and group books by subject matter. Select a category that best suits your title.

If your book has a non-CreateSpace ISBN, it must not have been made available for distribution through another service.

Libraries and Academic Institutions

(your book must have a CreateSpace assigned ISBN)

This makes your book available through Baker and Taylor to libraries and academic institutions.