The Complete Day Skipper

The Complete Day Skipper

(out of print but used copies available on Amazon and elsewhere)

cds1Inshore cruising is an exciting and exhilarating pastime enjoyed most if you are confident in your knowledge of seamanship and sailing skills.

The Royal Yachting Association Day Skipper syllabus covers the fundamental theory necessary to skipper a coastal passage but requires at least fifteen days experience logged at sea, including eight nights and 2oo miles. Whether you are studying for this exam or not, even if you are already qualified, with the Complete Day Skipper you will have to hand a comprehensive guide to both the theory and the practice of coastal cruising.

After an introduction to the boat, equipment and clothing, the theory syllabus is dealt with in depth using detailed examples and clear diagrams. Worked examples of navigation are shown on extracts from Admiralty charts and the use of practice charts 5043 and 5055, on which the RYA base their exercises, make this an invaluable text for RYA recognised courses. At the end of each of the chapters covering the syllabus, exercises are set on these charts, followed by illustrated answers.

Beyond the theory syllabus, there is a simple introduction to meteorology that will help the sailor understand the effects of different weather systems and so sail more safely, and the explanation of the mechanics of sail power will help to set sail trim for maximum efficiency. Experienced advice on anchoring and on boat handling in confined waters will give confidence in these sometimes stressful procedures. There is even a guide to eco-friendly boat management - emphasising the seriousness of the problem of marine pollution.

The Complete Day Skipper is a unique blend of the theory of the Day Skipper syllabus and the practical knowledge required for enjoyable and responsible leisure cruising.