Published! British Isles Weather & Climate

Climate allows the reader to develop a true understanding of the essential elements of meteorology, which can lead to a lifetime of more detailed study. Throughout the book there are ‘British Isles’ sections detailing how specific weather elements affect the islands as a whole and more specific regions so as to make the science more relevant. Using this book as a vehicle to study the elements that drive the weather of our islands the reader can gradually develop an interest in a wider range of related subjects. Once the fundamental principles are grasped readers can, if they wish, take their stud¬ies to a higher level or perhaps look at weather as it relates to a range of activities including water sports, aviation, climbing and walking. The book begins in Chapter One with a discussion of some of the major properties of the atmosphere. This sets the foundation for our study because it is the physical and chemical properties of the atmosphere that determine how the various elements of weather evolve, develop and interact to produce the day to day conditions with which we are so familiar. Although it is beyond the scope of this book it is impossible to understand the winter-spring drought of 2012 and the subsequent cool, wet and windy weather without some appreciation of the characteristics of the atmosphere. In this opening chapter, there is particular emphasis on solar radiation and the resulting energy transfers across the surface. These are central to the study of meteorology because they drive the global air and ocean currents that are a key element in the climate and weather of the British Isles.