A bibliography is a list of sources that you have used during your research. It is normally placed at the end of a text but where there are many, perhaps hundreds of citations, it is acceptable to place them at the end of a relevant chapter or section. Depending on the nature of the work, citations can be divided into primary sources, which might include examples of fieldwork data, and secondary sources, which are published texts.

Before creating your citations, you need to decide on the style in which it is presented. The most appropriate will vary according to the nature of your work and perhaps the publishing company. The style is selected from Style in the Citations & Bibliography section of the References tab.


To create a citation work as follows:

Ribbon → References → Manage Sources → Source Manager box appears →


New → Create Source box appears → complete the form as you require → Ok


The citation appears in the Source Manager box. The information in the citation can be changed at any time as can the style.

When you have completed your work and created all the citations, you create the bibliography by placing the cursor at the desired insertion point and working as follows:

References → Bibliography → use the down arrow to select a format

word60The bibliography is inserted.

If you simply want to cite one author (say) at the foot of a page:

References → Place cursor where the citation is to appear → Insert Citation → Select the desired citation

word59The citation appears in the desired position.

To update a bibliography with new citations:

References → Add New Source → Insert Citation → Breate Source box appears → (complete as above)