Footnotes and Endnotes are devices used to add additional information either at the foot of a page or at a chapter end or the end of the book. They provide information that takes the reader beyond the immediate content of the page and so is deemed a distraction, which is why it appears as a ‘note’. Usually they are either references to source material that a reader might like to refer or a brief explanation of an obtuse point. Both forms of the ‘notes’ are created, customised and updated in exactly the same way.

Ribbon → References → Footnotes section → FN/EN Launcher (arrow bottom right-hand corner) → Format as required → Insert



To insert footnotes using the same formatting on other pages:

Ribbon → References → Footnotes → Insert Footnote


It is possible to format a reference mark in the text by opening the Home tab, selecting the mark and going to the font selection. Arguably there is little point in doing this. Notes can be edited and deleted in exactly the same way as body text.

The separator line above the footnote can be stylised or removed as required:

Ribbon → View → Draft →


→ Show Notes


Footnotes drop-down menu → Footnote Separator


→ Right click on the Separator and style as required

  • the text of the footnote can be styled in the same way


A footnote can be deleted by working as above until the stylising point is reached and rather than adding a style simply highlighting the footnote and or separator and using the delete key.

That note is removed and the numbering of the other notes altered.