It is quite easy but very time consuming to create an index, which is an essential part of a work of non-fiction. It is simply a case of starting at the beginning of the text and ‘marking’ the first occurrence of every word that you believe should be indexed.

Start at the beginning of your text and highlight the first occurrence of the first word that you wish to index.

Ribbon → References → Mark Entry → Mark Index Entry box appears →


your selected word appears in Main entry. Select Mark to select just that single appearance of the word or,

Mark All to select every occurrence of that word. If you select the Show/Hide button each index entry will appear in the following style:


Highlight the next word you wish to index

As soon as you click in the Main entry box that word appears

Select Mark All

…. and continue until you have finished

This could take several hours but note that you can save your document at any time and the work you have done up to that point on the index will be preserved.

When you have completed your entries insert the index having first placed the cursor at the point where you wish the index to begin:

Ribbon → References → Insert Index → Index box opens


You have some choices to make:

how many columns
indented or run-in
whether to right align the page numbers
tab leader style
the format (style) of the index

The Modify option is only available with the From template format.

When you have finished click Ok and the index is created.